Game Changer

About three decades ago, the game pacman was developed and was produced for public consumption, and many were able to enjoy playing the pacman game for the first time. During the time of release, the gamers had a difficult time with the game because it’s new, and it seems that the gameplay is at a different level that what they were used to playing. Nevertheless, the game continued to gain its popularity and consequently, attracted more individuals to test their skills with the pacman game.

Billy’s Historic Pacman Game

One of the best features of the pacman game is its board or maze. The original version of the game featured 256 maze or boards that have designs unique from other boards. This aspect of the game is where the challenge is and Billy Mitchell was able to conquer all the 256 levels of the original pacman game. Billy Mitchell had played the game sometime in 1999 was able to play the perfect pacman game by completing the game in six hours without losing a single life.

Billy garnered a total of 3,333,360 points as he was able to complete the first version of the pacman game. This wonderful feat has place him in the history books and made him very popular during that time. Furthermore, Billy was able to continue further through the game if there were other levels left for him to try but unfortunately there were not.

Overall, the experience that Billy Mitchell had with the pacman game is quite astonishing. Even at the moment, nobody else was ever recorded to beat the game just like what he did. Now, with new versions of the pacman game available in any sort of gaming platform and both online and LAN games, we can only hope that something amazing can still be seen with this classic game.